Interior Design Service

We usually begin with an initial meeting to assess the project and set out the all-important goals, details and what you would like to achieve from the process. This is an important first step as it is vital for the client and interior designer to be aligned in the vision for the design.

The next step would be hourly visits  – as many or as few as required – to complete the interior design goal. Interior design is a fluid process and ideas and plans may change as the project develops. An hourly charging model gives the client more control, and provides an opportunity to pause the process where necessary and then continue at a later date if that is what is required.

Hourly visits could include discussions about room planning, fabric swatches, mood boards, curtain and blind ideas, cushions, bespoke lampshades and furniture sourcing as well as a great many other areas of interior design.

I work from the viewpoint that an interior designer is there to help you create your own unique design at home and to facilitate your creativity and ideas. Interior design can be a wonderfully creative process and it is my role to guide and support the client through it. The experience should be fun, exciting and above all rewarding.