Our philosophy is to create beautiful and creative interior designs

Soane Britain, Antique Furniture, Bespoke Lampshades and Curtains & Blinds

The central philosophy of The Lost Corner is to inspire our clients by providing them with beautiful and creative interior designs, as well as handpicked, individual and beautiful items for their homes and themselves.

We believe that an original, individual and warm home is an important ingredient to happiness. We know from our own experience that this takes time, energy and effort to create, and is rarely achieved on the first go. To help on this front, we offer an interior design service to those who wish to take The Lost Corner experience to the next level.

Client Reviews

“What I love about ‘The Lost Corner’ is the very warm welcome, the excitement of seeing so many exquisite things that you do not see anywhere else, beautiful china, objets, accessories, linens, furniture and clothes and lastly the absolute thrill at seeing such incredible value. Christmas gift buying was effortless last year, I managed to sort everything out in an hour!”

K.B (Wandsworth)